Recipe Plugin and Pizza Sauce

I’ve been having a very hard time finding a recipe plugin that works and looks the way I want it to. I had installed ZipRecipes, then MealPlannerPro. The latter was wonderful, the design fit the site exactly and everything seemed to be going well – until I hit Submit Recipe and everything disappeared. So I’ve gone back to ZipRecipes until next month, when I will purchase a highly-rated recipe plugin with the features that I want. I have to wait until next month because I am not only a Dirt Cheap Vegan, I am a Dirt Poor Vegan as well!

You will have noticed that I posted a new recipe for Easy Pizza Sauce. Tonight I’ll post my recipe for pizza dough that you can use either as a pizza or a calzone. Then tomorrow, I’ll be posting something incredibly delicious – a Black Bean Calzone that will have you drooling. It’s fat free, delicious and (of course) dirt cheap!

Until then, I leave you with this picture of one of my fur kids:

my vegan dog

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