Spicy Many Bean Soup

Bean soup is hearty, filling and cheap! With the right spices and vegetables, you can have a delicious, healthy meal in a bowl. Here’s a bean soup recipe that is just the thing for a cold winter day. I serve this soup with warm crusty bread or cornbread. It’s delicious and very inexpensive to make. […]

Hearty Mushroom Soup

This soup is earthy and full flavored, redolent with onions and garlic, and thick with baby bella mushrooms in a rich vegetable broth. I based this recipe on the mushroom soup recipe at The Kitchn. I left out the dried mushrooms (since our own veggie broth used in this recipe was made with oven-dried mushrooms) […]

Vegetable Stock

This vegetable stock is a savory beginning to many soups, stews and sauces. It’s easy to make and it can be mega-cheap if you save odds and ends of vegetable scraps to use. You can use any combination of vegetables, but don’t use any of the cruciferous veggies, as you don’t want a sulfur taste […]